Terms of Publication and Delivery of Footage, Text and/or Photos for Christian T. Joergensen, Joergensen Research

1. All Rates do not include expenses connected to the shooting or purchasing of photos, model fees, accessories, transport costs, freight, postage and daily allowances for assignments longer than four hours.

2. Delivered footage, text and/or photos may only be published for the agreed and commissioned purpose. All prices are for a single reproduction only. The footage, text and/or photo material may not be lent out and the rights covering the use of footage, text and/or photos may not be resold or handed over without the expressed agreement of Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research. If such an agreement exists, all conditions set out in the price list must be adhered to. Payments to Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research have to correspond to the prices set out in the price list.  Following any use of footage, text and/or photos, details concerning the date, use, sales, price, user must be sent to Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research, however the footage, text and/or photos are delivered.

3. Original footage, negatives, slides and other material used for reproduction remains the property of the photographer and must be returned to Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research immediately after publication. In the event of loss or damage to material, Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research reserves the right to claim compensation (for example minimum Euro 400,00 per slides negatives and minimum Euro 30,00 per paper copy).

4. After the publication of the delivered text and/or photos, an issue of the publication containing the text and/or the photos must be send free of charge to Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research.

5. All delivered footage, text and/or photos stored in the customers archive under agreement with or Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research are to regard as commissioned articles and must be immediately returned to Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research on request.

6. Customers publishing footage, text and/or photos from their archives, including repeated broadcast and reprinted text and/or photos, must settle with Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research no later than thirty days after each single use. In the event that Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research has not received any written advice about the use of the photos thirty days after publication, an extra one hundred per cent will be added to the price per item.

7. Payments for facsimile reproductions are at the normal footage reproduction rate or text and photo print rate.

8. All footage, text and/or photos delivered are covered by Denmark’s Law of Intellectual Property Rights with the copyright belonging to the journalist and/or the photographer.

9. The footage, text and/or photos must not be manipulated in any way or form or using any method without the expressed agreement of Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research. Photos used as part of a collage must be paid on the basis of the individual photos used (for example, one collage using four photos paid on the basis of four photos). Reproduction of original photocopies may only occur with the expressed agreement of  Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research.

10. Digital reuse of footage, text and/or photos such as on the internet may only occur with the expressed agreement of Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research. Digital storage of footage, text and/or photos may only occur for the use of the media groups commissioning the footage, text and/or photos. All other digital storage is prohibited without a written agreement with Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research.

11. When publishing the footage, text  and/or photos, it must be by-lined with the name of the journalist and/or the photographer and JOERGENSEN RESEARCH (Photo: Photographer/JOERGENSEN RESEARCH).

12. The user accepts all liability and legal consequences in the commercial use of Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research´s footage, text and/or photo. Christian T. Joergensen/Joergensen Research´s footage, text and/or photos are sold on the basis that the user accepts full responsibility for any claims from persons or objects depicted in the footage and/or photos and consequently accepts the responsibility for obtaining permission and the rights to publish the footage and/or print the photos and to meet all legal costs .

13. All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments must be made within fifteen days after date of  invoice. An extra two per cent or a minimum charge of Euro 15,00 for administration, postage and interest are to be added to the bill for late payments at the start of each month.

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